Strengths & Opportunities


  • First MD/HDPE producer with Lupotech G, technology in Iran
  • Modern warehouse with RFID technology
  • The first manufacturer of low density polyethylene with film grade, the product of which has proper transparency and processability
  • The minimum investment per tonne of production
  • Successful foreign participation and investment in the Iran
  • High value added due to the use of gas feed instead of liquid feed
  • The largest gas olefins unit of petrochemical industry in Asaluyeh
  • A model in deployment of advanced industrial automation systems



Organizational opportunities are the bedrock for the development and success of ASPC. These could be summarized in the following:
  • Adjacency to cheap feedstock
  • Access to suitable markets
  • Easy and close export facilities
  • Access to international market through foreign partner
  • In addition, ASPC can be consultant to other petrochemical projects using the gained experience by working with a foreign company.