ASPC’s Vision, Mission & Values


Our Mission

To produce high quality petrochemical products (ethylene, polyethylene, and …) in a healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly manner through optimizing resource management, enhancing human capital, and satisfying the needs of all interested parties.


Our Vision

(By 2022)

We are constantly focusing on gaining a competitive advantage over the company's world –class rivals, being superior at safety, enhancing and making sustainable profit.


Our Values

  • Production in a safe & sustainable environment
  • Solidarity
  • Ethics
  • Customer's satisfaction
  • Respect for employees
  • Result-oriented tasks and plans

Our Values

1. Production in a safe & sustainable environment
Health & safety of our employees and environment are not negotiable. We are responsible to make ASPC a safe and healthy environment to work in.
2. Solidarity
We are union; we all have a shared aim and vision.
3. Ethics
Establishing trust and conducting business with fairness and honesty form the basis of our activities.
4. Customer's satisfaction
Our products or services, all are to the customer’s satisfaction.
5. Respect for employees
All employees are valued. They are treated fairly with respect. Everyone is encouraged to their full potential.
6. Result-oriented tasks and plans
We are purposeful, focusing on the outcomes and concentrating our energies on achieving the desired results.