ASPC’s Vision, Mission & Values


Our Mission

To produce high quality petrochemical products (ethylene, polyethylene, and …) in a healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly manner through optimizing resource management, enhancing human capital, and satisfying the needs of all interested parties.


Our Vision

(By 2022)

We are constantly focusing on gaining a competitive advantage over the company's world –class rivals, being superior at safety, enhancing and making sustainable profit.


Our Values

  • Production in a safe & sustainable environment
  • Solidarity
  • Ethics
  • Customer's satisfaction
  • Respect for employees
  • Result-oriented tasks and plans
Safety: We all accept responsibility to make Arya Sasol a safe and healthy environment to work in.
Employees: All employees are valued and will be treated fairly and with respect. Everyone is encouraged to their full potential.
Unity: We are one; we have one purpose, share the same vision and are passionate about our company.
Result Driven: we take responsibility to advance each task until a conclusion is reached.
Ethic: Establishing trust, conducting business with fairness and honesty are the basis of our transactions.