MD & HD Polyethylene

Medium and High Density Polyethylene (MD/HDPE) for production of such goods as home appliances, , bottles and covers for industrial parts , blow molded parts and bubble film production:

MD/HDPE Products Table

MD/HDPE (Medium/High Density Polyethylene) , Arya Sasol Polymer company has produces 300,000 tons/year of MD/HDPE in 8 different grades as shown in below table:

Sales Part MFI (21.6 Kg) (dg/min) Density (kg/m3) Application More Info
MFI 3313 13 933 Film PDS Link
MFI 3713 13 937 Film PDS Link
MFI 3820 20 938 Film PDS Link
HBM 4265 6.5 942 Blow molding PDS Link
HBM 5020 22 950 Blow molding PDS Link
HBM 5520 23 955 Blow molding PDS Link
HBM 5510 10 955 Blow molding PDS Link
HFI 5110 10 951 Film PDS Link
  • European Pharmacopeia Statement
  • Food certificate
  • Toy certificate
meet the relevant requirement as mentioned below:
  • Halogens , IEC 61249-2-21
  • Heavy metals,EC Directive 94/62/EC
  • RoHS,2011/65/EU and 2002/96/EC
  • Phthalates,Directive 2005/84/EC

MD/HDPE Plant Flowchart

md/hdpe flowchart


This unit was designed by Basel Company, Germany based on the Lup Tech G process. The unit construction began on 03/17/2003 (upon concluding an EPCC with Udeh Germany and Sazeh Iran) and pilot operation started in October, 2008. Having an annual capacity of 300,000 tons, this unit produces 8 different grades of medium and High-density polyethylene. The Technical knowledge and advanced equipment as well as the proper raw materials used in this unit can guarantee high quality products at an international level. The products can find applications in the production of the following: films, bottles, dishes, industrial parts, cables, tubes and pipes, containers, etc. All the products of this unit have the following quality certifications:

  • European Pharmacopeia Statement
  • Food Certificate
  • Toy Certificate