Protecting the environment is one of our company’s core values, as detailed in “Arya Sasol HSE Strategy”. In support of our values, we developed following environmental principles for proving our commitment to do the business in environmentally responsible ways:

  • Include the environment in decision making.
  • Waste Minimization.
  • Emission Management.
  • Respecting Biodiversity.

Our Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA) process, deployed by Arya Sasol management team, requires that we evaluate all new capital projects for potential environmental, social and health impacts. Throughout the life of our business we will be in contact and consult with neighbors, government officials and other stakeholders. As per respect biodiversity, our measures to protect the environment are based on our awareness of the value of the complexity of the natural world. Arya Sasol has developed an integrated corporate freshwater management strategy to enhance current processes, tools and guidance on water stewardship and management throughout the corporation.