Occupational Health

ASPC's Health Department is active in maintaining and promoting the health of company's employees and reducing occupational hazards. Followings are the main goals of the department:

  • To promote and maintain the highest level of the physical health of all the employees through preventing occupational hazards and controlling occupational health risks.
  • To increase productivity through removing or minimizing hazardous agents in the workplace.
  • To prevent occupational diseases.


Health Mission

  • To identify potential hazards and hazardous agents and analyze them, through conducting the required risk assessments, looking for vulnerabilities and interpret the results in a bid to take appropriate actions to control, reduce, and minimize their impacts and occurrences.
  • To prevent occupational diseases caused by the workplace's hazardous agents and to monitor – qualitatively and quantitatively - workers’ exposure to hazardous agents in a bid to reduce and minimize their impacts and occurrences.

Heath Programs

  • Conducting periodic assessment of health risks in the workplace and following up the implementation of the relevant controlling measures (e.g. technical, engineering, administrative, and management measures).
  • Follow-up monitoring of the employees' health in order to have an early detection of occupational diseases, and implementing pre-employment and periodic health examinations.
  • Performing special examinations (biological monitoring of chemical exposure in the workplace)
    • -Biological monitoring, which is the measurement and assessment of chemicals or their metabolites in exposed workers reflecting the total uptake of a chemical by an individual by all routes is carried out on a yearly basis in ASPC.
  • Carrying out regular food health inspections and quality control for restaurants and kitchens providing meal services to ASPC.
  • Making regular residential health & safety inspection and facility safety inspection
  • Conducting routine inspection for safe drinking water (complete high quality biological and chemical analysis)
  • Cooperating with universities and research centers to undertake appropriate research projects related to occupational health.
  • Carrying out pest control projects in ASPC's complex and camps.
  • Devising and implementing a proper nutrition plan and providing staff with health and nutrition tips in a bid to improve their health.
  • Providing incentive program for fat or overweight employees (with a BMI over 25), in line with improving their health.