Occupational Health

In order to maintain and promote the Personnel Health Level and reduce the Job hazards, ASPC Health Dept. is to achieve the below targets

  • Promote and maintain the highest degree of the Personnel’s Physical Health in all sections, and prevent the hazards which generated from the Job Circumstances and Control the Health Risk in Jon Environment
  • Optimization increase through delete or minimize the health harmful factors in Job Environment
  • Prevent of Job Illnesses in Job Environment

Supreme Model of Safe Job Environment is a New Management Model for Health Performances Management to achieve Responsibility Promotion against the Human resources, Society and converge into Financial and Economical Sources for Company. This plan generated from Safe Job Environment of International Health Org, International Association of Oil and Gas Producers and Solve Model of International Org. Running such plan will help the Company to recognize and promote the present Supreme Level to Specify the Organizational Commitment, Strategic and Operational planning, Execute, evaluate, and Control in Health Domain and measure and analysis the Health Management Performance. It is to affect the Level of its Responsibility toward Human resources, Society and converge into Financial and Economical Sources for Company. HSE management has been a Decision Making Power in a Competitive Advantage and Finlay, through achieving the Supreme Model, Health Dept. would capture the Company Targets.

  • Run the Periodical Evaluation (Quality and Quantity) on the harmful factors in Job Environment and follow up the Technical Measures and Executive management on the Personnel Health issues based on the presented pyramid by NIOSH Org.
  • Run the Specializes check up (Biologic Evaluation facing the Chemical Material), the Biological Indexes for touching the Chemical material in Job Environment is evaluated once in a year.
  • Good cooperate and communicate with Universities and Research Centers to comply and run Good Research Plans in Industrial health field
  • Run the Reward Plan to promote the Personnel Health for whom overweighed ( BMI over 25) : the Health Award project in order to maintain the Human Resources and promote the Company Health Level to loss the Weight and whom make the own health better will be rewarded.