Occupational Health

We work to reduce exposure to occupational risks. The ultimate goal of our Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene process is to effectively protect the health of our workforce to prevent any related adverse health effects. Our health programs seek to identify and mitigate the risks to our workforce. These range from factors affecting people at work, such as the existence of hazardous conditions or substances.
In Aryasasol site, employees have access to medical center offering medical support for acute or chronic workplace injuries and illnesses. In addition, the Aryasasol’s clinic supports the emergency team in emergencies.

Aryasasol is also implementing a comprehensive medical examination program including:
Aryasasol Clinic

- Pre-employment screening:
Applicants and employees in affected positions must undergo a medical examination being physically and medically capable for performing the essential duties of the position efficiently without hazard to themselves or others.

- Periodic medical examinations:
Routine medical evaluations serve to monitor the employee’s health status to ensure that he or she maintains physical capabilities to meet the qualifications of his/her position. In addition, routine medical surveillance uncovers conditions which may develop as a result of occupational exposures which have long latency periods for symptom development.