Occupational Safety

If you can't manage your safety, you can't manage your business

Arya Sasol’s Safety department in order to meet the vision and Business concept and ensure that the company is well positioned to start our journey to World Class Performance has set following high standards of performance:

  • ASPC Live out Vision, Mission & Values to be a safe world class company
  • ASPC Agreed that Safety should be a way of life and not just a focus area – it must be our culture way of doing business and is non-negotiable
  • Agreed Production = SAFETY + Reliability
  • Want to ensure leadership & employee ownership in all Safety initiatives
  • Want to establish a pace setter safety culture
  • Want to enhance our existing safety initiatives
  • Believe that accidents/incidents can be prevented i.e. become a “Zero Harm” site/business unit
  • Insured all existing/ new company processes are RISK base.
  • Empower employee by improving safety culture to established ASPC Safety slogan.

There are also following lifesaving safety behaviors determined to work on with more focus for preventing high potential incidents. By formalizing the above-mentioned items our incidents have increasingly reduced in which the RCR* reached to 0.03 for end of 2017 which is world-class performance.

Arya Sasol Polymer Company was one of 57 organisations worldwide that achieved a Sword of Honour, which is awarded to companies which have demonstrated excellence in the management of health and safety risks at work in 2017.

British council sword

Recordable Case Rate (RCR)