Process Safety

Arya Sasol Polymer as a leading petrochemical company in Iran has begun to implement process safety management standard as an analytical tool focused on preventing releases of any substance defined as a "highly hazardous chemicals" by the EPA or OSHA. By formulizing the system since March 2011 based on OSHA 1910.119, process incidents (Fire, Explosion and Release) have increasingly reduced in which the FER-SR* reached to 0.9 from 3.0 at the beginning of project. Our new approach for 2014 is to establish the process safety management system based on “Risk Based PSM” system, presented by center for chemical process safety (CCPS).

FER Severity Rate


Process Safety Management

The deployment of process safety management system in any organization can provide a proactive and structured driving force toward the assessment, prevention and mitigation of losses arising from operational processes. In addition to its direct impact on the organization's key stakeholders, the process safety management system can mitigate the risk of releasing chemicals in the environment, leaving dramatic impact on the external stakeholders and enhancing the organizational credibility.

As a leading petrochemical company, ASPC has been striving to minimize accidents including those related and not related to exploitations. By gaining new experiences from past incidents across the country and the globe, ASPC has been promoting the safety standards, reducing accidents and preventing process damage, which in turn will expand the organizational productivity through operational processes and safe RMO. In 2011, ASPC hired a team of domestic and foreign specialists to for the first time implement a Process Safety Management System according to OSHA 1910:119 in the following areas:

  • Employee engagement
  • Process Safety Information
  • Analysis of process risks
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Employee training
  • Service providers
  • Pre-launch safety review
  • Mechanical integration
  • Change Management
  • Work permit system
  • Emergency response planning
  • Accident investigation
  • Compliance audit
  • Maintaining trade secrets

Project implementation routine

In line with the implementation of Process Safety Management System, the necessary approvals were obtained and the organizational senior managers supported the formulation, localization and establishment of instructions. This system was implemented by the managers of operational units, which formed executive teams composed of specialists in each operating unit. During the deployment of the system, the process safety experts instructed the operational unit managers.

After completing the essential training courses in different levels, one specialist was selected from the operation, maintenance or process engineering units for executing and deploying the standard based on the approved instructions. The project progress was monitored based on the schedule adopted by each unit. At each stage, reports were generated after examining the instructions and protocols in each standard during sessions held with the process safety team members from each unit. The members discussed the defects and requirements of a specific standard and then plans were devised to resolve issues. Finally, the process safety management system was fully and successfully established in ASPC.