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Arya Sasol History

The huge oil and gas reserves in the Persian Gulf, whose major part are in Iran’s territorial waters under the name of South Pars Gas field, drawn the attention of the country's officials in the oil and petroleum industry, particularly Iran’s National Petrochemical Company (NPC), to focus on restoring these resources and investing in this offshore field. Therefore, the construction of 17 petrochemical complexes in the field was put on Iran Oil Ministry's agenda. Consequently, petrochemical companies were broadly offered to the private sector by NPC.


Arya Sasol at a Glance

Domestic Sales

domestic sales

Medium- & High- Density Polyethylene

375,000 tonnes
per year

International Sales

Export to world markets

Low-Density Polyethylene Capacity

375,000 tonnes
per year


924 Employees
1500 Leased Employees

Olefin Production Capacity

1,1 million tonnes
per year

CEO Message

The friendship and fraternity between members of the large family of the Arya Sasol Polymer Co. resulting from the members' close cooperation and their great determination in tough times has made the company a role model for the country’s industry sector. As the managing director of the company, I do believe that this camaraderie and synergy would be the most important, valuable asset of the company in dealing with the future ups and downs..