Managing Director Message

Way Ahead Looks Unpaved

The friendship and fraternity between members of the large family of the Arya Sasol Polymer Co. resulting from the members' close cooperation and their great determination in tough times has made the company a role model for the country’s industry sector. As the managing director of the company, I do believe that this camaraderie and synergy would be the most important, valuable asset of the company in dealing with the future ups and downs. Registering historic records in production, eye-catching achievements in safety, and the company’s environmental protection activities confirmed by the national and international bodies are just some examples of the company's success over the past years, which are the sources of honor and national pride for all.

CEO Message

Despite the abovementioned achievements, we should not forget that there is not a paved way ahead. And safeguarding and promoting this national asset require more collaborative effort and altruism of all us – staff and managers.

Our mission is to enhance the status of the Arya Sasol Polymer Co. and elevate it to the position of the world’s renowned petrochemical companies. To that end, we need a futuristic outlook, unanimity, and proper planning more than any other thing. The feeling of solidarity between all the staff and synergy of their efforts in implementing the company's long-, mid-, and short-term plans besides the necessity of paying attention to moral ethics form the needed infrastructure for the future.

Intense developments in the world of business have contributed to making a more competitive and dynamic environment. So, to meet with success it is required to pay attention to all other factors rather than production. In a humble manner, we will make every effort to improve our capabilities and gain a better knowledge of our global rivals in a bid to outpace them. Through taking advantage of opportunities, we are seeking to create added values, while considering our weak points. Attaining modern knowledge, maintaining the quality of products, expanding the company’s business, realizing strategic improvement in production processes, registering new production records, and applying an efficient business risk management are among the goals which will be reached within the framework of a strategic planning and management system.

Appreciating the personnel for their hard work and efforts as well as preserving and promoting human resources are also among the company's goals. I firmly believe that an effective assessment of the personnel’s performance and devising systems in line with attaining the company's sublime objectives will give hardworking employees encouragement and will give a fillip to a few of employees who are not hardworking. This important goal will be achieved through transparency and a reform in the payment system of the company.

Now that the company has gained notable successes in the field of safety while avoiding mistaken pride, we should set new targets and make the most use of all potential and actual forces of the company towards obtaining the goals. The personnel are all, as well, set to meet the global standards and compete with reputable rivals in the field of safety.

Amir Hossein Bahreini
Managing Director