Emergency Responce

In case of occurring an incident, the priority of the company’s emergency conditions management task force is to protect the following cases:

  1. Human resources
  2. Environment
  3. Assets
  4. Credit
emergency responce

To manage all the crisis and emergency conditions, ASPC has adopted a standardized and appropriate approach based on the incident command system (ICS). This approach includes preparation, response, reconstruction, and evaluation instructions integrating all the facilities, equipment, human resources, methods, and communication systems in a comprehensive organizational structure. The incident command system (ICS) can be used in all types of incidents considering their size and complexity and provides the possibility of implementing a reaction system against crisis or emergency conditions. Their activities cover the three following main topics:.

The ICS is applicable to any incident whatever its type, size or complexity. It sets out a response structure that facilitates activities in three key areas:

  1. Commanding and controlling incident operations
  2. Strategic planning for incident and production operations
  3. Managing crisis in a bid to stay in business