Arya Sasol Polymer Company

Human Resources Management

ASPC’s approach to human resources management (HRM) is new and preeminent not only in oil, gas, and petrochemical industry but also in all other industries around the country. ASPC regards its employees as human resources enabling the company to achieve its long-term goals easier and carry out its strategic plans better. Based on this fact, the company has so far made huge investments in educational infrastructures and the human resources development (HRD).

It is honored to inform you, all dear followers, that ASPC is one of the few active companies in Iran enjoying all human resources modules, such as human resources planning devised based on the company’s strategies and market changes; job competency bank or profile (including general, technical, and managerial competencies); competency-based employment processing system, competency-based assessment center, performance management, competency-based training and development centers, career path, successor training, and all activities related to the training and the management of talents.

A brief introduction to ASPC’s job competency bank or profile is provided here:

Competency is a collection of knowledge, skills, and attitudes (i.e. general, technical, and managerial) required for the betterment of the performance of a job. To define the company’s job descriptions, all the essential competencies (including general, technical, and managerial) the employees need to do the job effectively (to fulfill the job duties, and responsibilities) are explored; then, the levels of each competency and their relevant job criteria are defined. The recruitment interview questions are set based on these competencies as well. The competency-based job descriptions provided in the bank help the company 1. to employ the best and the most competent human resources of the market (considering job criteria and evaluation devices available in the assessment center of the bank). 2. to train and develop its employees (utilizing information and plans stored in the training and development centers of the bank).

The competency-based human resources management (HRM) guarantees the companies the recruitment of the best and the most competent workforce of the job market. It also helps the companies to develop and train their employees to reach their highest level through the courses held by their training and development centers.

Over the past 16 years (since its establishment), ASPC has had the honor of recruiting the most competent and qualified employees and not ignoring any investment in the training and the development of its employees. The company believes that although investment in human resources is time-consuming, but it is one of the best and the safest investments promoting efficiency of the business whose tangible results can be seen in mid- and long-term.

Last of all, ASPC hopes to go on and on taking firm and motivated steps toward success enjoying the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the country’s most qualified youths.