Arya Sasol Polymer Company


Recruitment process of Arya Sasol Polymer Company

Receiving & keeping resumes in data bank

Application forms which have been filled out and sent, are kept in the resumes’ data bank and studied when the organization needs to recruit human resource.

Initial assessment of conditions for qualification

In case of need to recruit human resources, the resumes at the data bank are studied based on the initial conditions for qualification (expertise, knowledge, and required skill for the job) in order to be assured of the necessary capabilities and abilities for recruitment.

Telephone assessment

An HR (human resources department) planning expert gives a phone call to the candidate (applied for the job) to get further information on the job in detail from her/him.

General & professional interview

The candidate who enjoys a favorable resume is interviewed during a meeting by skilled and experienced managers in order to be evaluated in terms of his/her professional abilities. If the his/her qualification is approved, he/ she will be referred to the HR department (as the next step of the recruitment process).

Personality test & assessment center

All candidates for recruitment have to take DISC personality test after being confirmed at the human resources and professional interviews. The assessment center, indeed, assesses the selected candidates applied for the key positions. This is one of the main processes of recruiting and employing at Arya Sasol Company aimed at identifying and assessing merits of the candidates and adapting them with the required qualifications of the job.

Final approval

The senior manager of the company -- during a meeting with the participation of the company’s managers of recruitment and HR departments and the selected candidates themselves -- studies their profiles and results of their assessments over the previous steps and then considering the general policies of the company decide to approve or reject the their recruitment.

Recruitment & employment process

The person in charge of recruitment informs the best-qualified candidates of the final result of the recruitment process, the working conditions, and the start date for the job. Meanwhile, documents required for employing the selected applicant are prepared and provided.

Socialization process

After the employment of the most qualified candidates, and during the first week of his/her working, a 3-day socialization course is held for the newly employed by the company’s HR department. During the course, the new employees are acquainted with general activities of the organization and services provided by various departments to individuals in the organization.