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ASPC Qur’an Recitation Ceremony held during Ramadan

ASPC Qur’an Recitation Ceremony held during Ramadan

A Qur’an recitation ceremony was held on the fifth day of Ramadan in the presence of the company’s executive manager, senior management and employees.

The recitation ceremony is held every day in Ramadan at the Holy Prophet Mosque inside the Arya Sasol Polymer Company (ASPC) complex.

In the spiritual gathering, ASPC Executive Manager, Mohammad-Reza Heidarzadeh, congratulated the simultaneous arrival of the holy month of Ramadan and the Persian spring-time celebration of Nowruz, describing such gatherings as a great opportunity to refine one’s soul.

Referring to the naming of the new Persian year of 1402 under the title of “Production Growth and Inflation Control” by the country’s Supreme Leader, Heidarzadeh said: “I appreciate the hard work of my colleagues in the ASPC in the past year and hope that – with more cooperation and coordination – we will be able to fulfill the wishes of the wise leader of the revolution and set a new record in production for the following year”.