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Arya Sasol unveils new grades of HDPE at 14th Int’l Expo of Iran Plast

Arya Sasol unveils new grades of HDPE at 14th Int’l Expo of Iran Plast

Arya Sasol Polymer Company unveiled two new grades of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). The achievements were made public during the company’s third consecutive successful presence at the International Exhibition of Iran Plast. The new HDPE grades include HEX4460-PE80+ and HBM5510. Arya Sasol says that the HEX4460 PE80+ grade with 1-hexene comonomer can be used for the production of polyethylene pressure pipes for irrigation and water supply purposes. Thanks to its unique 1-hexene comonomer, HEX4460 PE80+ can be regarded as country’s top grade in PE80 family products in terms of crack resistance properties (ESCR) of SCG and RCP, the unit said. It added that HBM5510 as the next grade in place can be used for producing large blow molded parts (i.e., drums). The HBM5510- oriented products are appropriate for the shipment and storage of hazardous chemical and acidic liquids, the petrochemical unit noted.

During the four-day event of the 14th International Exhibition of Iran Plast (07-10 February,2021), Arya Sasol Polymer Company applied strict control over the implementation of the regulations instructed by the health ministry of Iran on fight against the Covid-19. Due to the pandemic, only managers, businessmen and experts are allowed to participate and visit the expo. The distinctive feature of this year’s edition is an online exhibition, which was held concurrently with the physical exhibit.
In the last period, Arya Sasol, as a company with the highest credit rating (-AA) in Iran, unveiled a new product; the polymeric fuel tank for the automotive industry. Arya Sasol is the first Iranian company which has managed to manufacture this product all in accordance with the national standards advised for the automotive industry.

With 13 years of experience, Iran Plast is one of the largest and most important exhibitions in Iran in the fields of raw materials, machinery and molds, as well as auxiliaries and services for plastics and rubber industries. It is also one of the major exhibitions in the Middle East and Asia. More than 200 domestic and 250 foreign companies attended the 14th International Exhibition of Iran Plast. The exposition is held annually in Tehran International Exhibition Center with the aim of linking the petrochemical industry and enterprises. It also seeks to provide a basis for the development of this domestic industry section through paving the way for it to develop its presence in international markets. Starting in 2002, the expo had witnessed the presence of a total number of 7400 national and international enterprises during the last 13 periods of display. The exhibit was organized and held for the first time by the National Petrochemical Company of Iran (NPC).

Currently, Iran manufactures less than 40 million tons of petrochemical products. The country plans to ramp up its output to 133 million tons a year by 2022, raising its annual revenue to 33 billion dollars. Iran’s petrochemical exports have been restricted under the US sanctions. Iran says that this has been a chance to use raw material inside the country to produce products with higher added value. This also fits with Tehran’s view of the petrochemical industry as one of the major escape routes from an oil-based economy.