Arya Sasol Polymer Company

ASPC Earns Third Consecutive AA Rating

ASPC Earns Third Consecutive AA Rating

The Arya Sasol Polymer Company (ASPC) has earned an AA credit rating, marking the third year in a row in which the company has attained Iran’s highest credit rating, retaining 1st place among the country’s companies. 

The credit rating committee of the Paya Rating Company had assigned an AA long-term credit rating to the ASPC in the last two previous years. After its most recent review, the rating was reconfirmed for a third year, demonstrating that the company enjoys a “stable outlook”. Moreover, this year’s Paya report marks four years in a row in which the ASPC has topped all other Iranian companies in terms of highest credit rating. 

Positive Outlook for Shareholders

According to the Paya credit rating company, its review is based on quantitative data, including audited financial statements and related financial ratios, as well as qualitative characteristics including assessments of the company's activities, corporate governance status, operational environment, financing, plan progression, as well as analysis of relevant macroeconomic, business and industry prospects. As a result of the review, Paya also assigned a short-term credit rating of A1+ to the ASPC.

In 2020, the Paya Credit Rating company assigned a long-term credit rating of AA- to the ASPC. A year later, the company's long-term rating was upgraded to AA after a review. The AA rating has been reaffirmed in 2021 and 2022.

The AA long-term credit rating signifies the company’s capacity to fulfill financial obligations at a very high level. Also, the "stable" credit rating outlook describes the company’s likely medium-term direction. A stable outlook signals that the company’s credit rating is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future, suggesting investment stability and portraying a positive outlook for ASPC shareholders.

It is worth mentioning that all quantitative analysis in the Paya report was done based on audited financial statements, accompanying notes and other information provided by the ASPC.

ASPC Leads in 2023 Report

Rating reports published by Paya demonstrate that no company has achieved ASPC’s recent credit rating before.

According to the rating company’s 2023 report, Mehr Ayandegan Financial Development Group was rated AA-, Siman Ta’min Investment Company was rated A+, and Bahman Diesel, Sepid Steel Production, Farab Kavir and Payandegan Economic Development Group were rated A-.