Arya Sasol Polymer Company

ASPC Conducts Iran’s first ISO 14090 Climate Assessment

ASPC Conducts Iran’s first ISO 14090 Climate Assessment

The Arya Sasol Polymer Company (ASPC) has carried out the country’s first-ever climate change risk assessment in accordance with the ISO 14090 standard.

The assessment enables the organization to assess the impact of climate change on ASPC work environment and adapt with the aim of rendering the company resilient in the face of climate change. Such studies also help identify potential opportunities to maximize resource utilization. The ASPC’s current ISO 14090 climate change assessment has reached its final stages. 

Climate change poses a risk for many businesses. Environmental fluctuations, rising temperatures, and greenhouse gas emissions serve all as examples of climate conditions which can affect businesses. Consequently, devising strategies for climate change adaptation is key for business success.

The ASPC is a leading company in environment conservation. Seeking to implement general anti-pollution policies and increase environment quality of the South Pars region, the ASPC has adopted effective practices and has sought to share its successful experiences with other petrochemical and refinery companies across the country. Resulting from these programs, the ASPC has achieved 5 gold and silver awards from Iran’s Environment Department.