Arya Sasol Polymer Company

September Sales Surpass All Previous Records

September Sales Surpass All Previous Records

The publication of Arya Sasol Polymer Company’s September performance report has shown that the company has surpassed all its previous mid-year sales and production records.

The ASPC’s September report shows that the company has produced an output of 168,000 tonnes in the past month, 9 percent higher than that of September last year. The cumulative production of the first half of the current Persian year stands at 1,014,000 tonnes, marking a 3 percent increase compared to the same period last year. The mid-year production numbers mark an unprecedented milestone compared to the company’s previous mid-year production records.


Record Production

The ASPC managed to produce 568,150 tonnes in the past 6 months, marking a 31,608 tonne increase compared to the same period last year. C3+ production has also increased 5,643 tonnes compared to the similar period last year. Likewise, in the heavy polyethylene sector, the production of this product reached 202,137 tonnes. The six-month production of light polyethylene also reached 187,440 tonnes.

Notable Product Sales Increase

Achieving more than 107,000 tonnes in sales this September, the company has surpassed its past-year September sales by 9 percent and its August 2023 sales by 11 percent.

The company's total midyear sales have amounted to 613,000 tonnes, marking a 5% jump compared to the same period last year.

As with production, the total amount of sales in the first half of the current Persian year has been higher than in all previous years. Such accomplishments in production, sales and pipeline management are the result of successful cooperation across all various company compartments. 

Significant Revenue Increase

ASPC’s total September sales revenue amounted to 28,000 billion rials, marking a 24 percent increase compared to September 2022 and 23 percent compared to last month.

The cumulative sales revenue for the first half of the current Persian year stands at 165,000 billion rials, which marks a 11% increase compared to the same period last year. This year’s cumulative mid-year sales revenue marks its highest level ever since.

It should be noted that the average monthly revenue in 2021 and 2022 was equal to 22,000 billion and 23,000 billion rials respectively. This is while the company’s August 2023 sales were 29 and 24 percent higher than the average monthly revenue of 2021 and 2022, respectively.  


Such accomplishments were achieved while simultaneously preventing any recordable incident during the last six months. The importance of such an exceptional achievement is that it comes at a time when numerous factors beyond the company’s control (such as losing access to seawater) and cruel sanctions target the country and its petrochemical industry, specifically hindering procurement of spare parts and various chemicals. Such a performance underscores the sophistication, professionalism and dedication of the ASPC.