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ASPC CEO: Annual China trade at 500$ million

ASPC CEO: Annual China trade at 500$ million

Speaking at the "Iran-China Business Conference 2023", ASPC Executive Manager Mohammad-Reza Heidarzadeh announced that the ASPC exports up to 500 million dollars’ worth of products to China every year.

The Iran-China business conference - held on the sidelines of the 6th China International Import Exhibition - was attended by Iranian First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber, Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade, Abbas Aliabadi and other business and commerce officials from the two countries.

Speaking at the conference, Heidarzadeh stressed the need for companies to adapt to the competitive and technology-driven environment of international markets. “This not only guarantees their survival, but also allows them to lead and create market value”, he said. Heidarzadeh added that the petrochemical industry, having a wide range of applications  and occupying a high share of global trade, occupies a central role in the world’s high-tech industry. 

Pointing to the unique access to petrochemicals in the Middle East region, the ASPC Executive Manager said: “Iran and certain other Middle East countries have a relative advantage in the industry due to rich oil and gas resources as well as access to international waterways and proximity to Asian and European markets.”

Arya Sasol, a leader in innovation and creativity

Emphasizing the special position of the ASPC among petrochemical companies of the region, Heidarzadeh stated: “ The ASPC, benefiting from advanced facilities and applying innovative approaches, has always been able to maintain itself in the competitive boundaries of the region.”

He added: “With the slogan ‘Being a leader is not a dream, it's our belief’, we were able to implement an atmosphere of innovation, teamwork and with the aim of achieving success by becoming a learning organization”.

Presenting some of the ASPC’s recent milestones, the ASPC Executive Manager said that the company has been able to produce more than 2 million tonnes of polymer and ethylene products annually. “Among the achievements of the ASPC are obtaining the highest Paya Credit Rating for 4 years in a row, gaining first place among the 837 companies in the Tehran Stock Exchange and being honored in the 2023 International Best Experience Awards in the field of organizational governance, risk management, quality management and innovation,” he said.

Heidarzadeh added that the company had also broken all past production and sales records. “Another achievement for our company is that the ASPC is now one of the top three companies producing the important LEC1969 grade polymer, which is one of the most important polymer grades used for extrusion coating for food packaging and health products,” he said.

The ASPC Executive Manager stated: "Attending important events such as the China International Import Exhibition, which is in line with the policies of the government and the Ministry of Petroleum’s program for energy diplomacy, is very important because it allows the company to market its products and identify manufacturers and suppliers."

The 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE2023) was held in November 2023 with the participation of 145 countries, economic blocks and international organizations, with more than 3400 exhibitors and more than 394 thousand visitors. More than 50 Iranian companies, including the ASPC, were present in the exhibition.