Arya Sasol Polymer Company

ASPC,the Top Innovative knowledge-based Iranian Company

ASPC,the Top Innovative knowledge-based Iranian Company

Registered as a knowledge-based company by the Vice President of Science and Technology himself, ASPC was nominated as one of the pioneers in the field of innovation during the 8th Iranian Top Innovation Festival, held at Sanati Sharif University in Tehran on Monday (Mar. 11, 2024).

During this festival, the best Iranian innovations in 2023 were introduced and honored.

Accordingly, the "Golden Plate and Certificate of Iranian Superior Innovation" was awarded to Mohammad Reza Heydarzadeh, CEO of the company, for the development of LEC1969 polymer grade. The company was also registered

The festival has invited knowledge-based communities and companies along with the activists in the field to celebrate the achievements ad discuss issues such as production innovation, innovation in service, process and business.

In the sideline of the event, the 3rd gathering of R&D and innovation managers of the country's industries, and Several specialized workshops were held to examine the latest innovations and knowledge-based activities in both domestic and foreign levels.