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Low Density Polyethylene

From food packaging bags to agricultural films, from high clarity laundry bags to heavy duty liners, LFI™ Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) grades offer a versatile choice for blown and cast film applications. LFI™ resins offer an excellent balance of properties, including good melt strength, flexibility, low neck-in and good adhesion to many substrates. Moreover, they enable an uncoupling from conventional rules in LDPE between melt strength and melt index. This offers those customers working in the blown film industry a wide range of applications within food and industrial packaging and agricultural films. The customers can produce thinner films faster for improved conversion efficiency and sustainability. These grades offer low energy consumption, high output, excellent optical properties and good draw down ability during processing. LFI™ has been manufactured under SABTEC licensed CTR (Clean Tubular Reactor) technology. ASPC offers a wide range of various grades of LDPE with different MFI and density as well as different additive packages including slip and anti-block agents. These grades are used in general-purpose applications along with being pure or excellent blend partners in high performance film applications, creating an outstanding balance between mechanical and optical properties.

LDPE Products

The production capacity of LDPE plant is 375000 ton/year. List of all 8 grades of LDPE products are as below:


Food Contact Compliance Certificate including

  • European Pharmacopeia Statement
  • Toys Requirements; European Standard 71-3
  • RoHS & Brominated Flame Retardant; 2011/65/EU & 2002/96/EC
  • Heavy Metal; EC Directive 94/62/EC on Packaging and Packing Waste
  • Halogens; IEC 61249-2-21
  • Phthalates; Directive 2005/84/EC

REACH Certificate

LDPE Plant Flowchart

Low-Density Polyethylene Plant

The LDPE Plant of ASPC produces a capacity of 375,000 tons annually, which is one of the largest polymer plants in Iran. In addition, this plant produces 8 main grades with various applications. A unique feature of the ASPC LDPE Plant compared to other plants is its high capacity and high quality of production (thanks to the CTR™ Sabtec Technology). Construction of the LDPE plant began on 10/26/2002 (following an EPCC contract signed between the French Technip company and the Iranian EPC Nargan Company) and became operational in August 2008. The high quality of the plant’s products guarantees successful sales in the international markets.