Arya Sasol Polymer Company


ASPC’s olefin plant receives feedstock (Ethane) from Pars Petrochemical Company. The products of this plant are 1100 KMT Ethylene, 100 KMT C3+, and 1KMT hydrogen per year. 750 KMT of ethylene which produced in C2 cracking plant, are used to produce LDPE and MD/HDPE polymers in ASPC’s downstream plants. Furthermore, C3+ is transferred to other plants.

Olefin products

List of Olefin products are as below:

Olefin Production Process

Arya Sasol Polymer Company receives Ethane feedstock for its C2 cracking plant which has an input capacity of 1415 KMT per year, using Technip Technology.

C2 Cracker Plant

The C2 cracker (Olefin) plant produces the feedstock for the LDPE and MD/HDPE plants. The construction of the plant began in March 2001 based on engineering and procurement contracts, with the collaboration of the French Technip and the Iranian EPC Nargan Company, and was completed in 2007. The annual production capacity of the unit is 1.1 milion tons of ethylene. About 750,000 tones out of ethylene product are used as the feedstock of the ASPC’s downstream plants to produce LDPE and MD/HDPE polymers.