ASPC receives feedstock from Pars Petrochemical Company, which is Ethane. Ethane enters C2cracking plant which has an input capacity of 1267 k tons per annum. The output is 1000k tons Ethylene, 90ktons C3+ and 1k ton hydrogen per annum.

C3+ and hydrogen are transferred to other units. 300 kilo tons of Ethylene produced in cracking units is used to produce LDPE and 300 kilo ton is used to produce MD/HDPE. The products are then packed and ready for market.

The LDPE and HDPE have a vast use in the industry. It is used for cables industry, making dishes, films, pipes, etc to name a few. 225k ton Ethylene is exported and 175 kilo ton is sent to EB/SM plant of Pars Petrochemical Co. as feedstock