Occupational Health

covid 19

Arya Sasol is a pioneer in creating a safe and healthy environment for staff at Pandemic Covid 19 using protocols from the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Health.

  • Planning, implementation and continuous monitoring of the comprehensive plan to prevent and disrupt the Covid 19 transmission chain to protect the health of manpower as organizational assets for business continuity and sustainable production with a focus on the Crisis Management Committee
  • Use of electronic and intelligent systems in order to control and ensure the health of employees before and during their presence in the company by specialized medical staff
  • Continuous follow-up of the health status of the staff involved in Covid 19 disease in quarantine until their return to work by experienced medical staff
  • Continuous monitoring of health protocols implementation at the organization level and confident of their effectiveness and efficiency

Arya Sasol Polymer Company works to maintain and improve the health of employees and reduce occupational hazards with the following objectives:

  • Promoting and maintaining the highest degree of physical health of employees of all units, prevention of hazards caused by working conditions and control of health risks in the workplace.
  • Increase productivity by eliminating or minimizing workplace health hazards.
  • Prevention of occupational diseases in the workplace through industrial medicine examinations

Health programs

Establishing a model of excellence in a healthy work environment.

Healthy Workplace Excellence Model is a new model for measuring and analyzing health performance management with the aim of developing responsibility for the human capital of the community, financial and economic resources of the company. This program is based on the model of a healthy work environment of the World Health Organization, the International Association of European Oil and Gas Producers (OGP) and the solve model of the International Labor Organization.

The implementation of this model helps to identify the existing level of excellence, organizational commitment, strategic and operational planning, implementation, monitoring and control of the health domain.


Implementation of Chemical Risk Management in the Workplace:

The purpose of this project is to ensure that occupational accidents and disease outbreaks at Arya Sasol Polymer Company are reduced to zero and that we ultimately achieve the goal of an accident-free workplace environment.

To achieve this goal, Arya Sasol Polymer Company agrees that safety and health systems evaluations for all hazardous materials must be performed on site and to prevent or control adequate exposure to substances that are hazardous to health.


  • Carrying out periodic monitoring (quantitative and qualitative) of harmful factors in the work environment and following up the implementation of technical, engineering and management control measures in order to control health risks
  • Follow-up monitoring of the health status of the employees of the complex through occupational examinations at the beginning of employment and periodically in order to diagnose occupational diseases early.
  • Maintain and improve the health level of the employees.
  • Carrying out a biological monitoring project of benzene in the workplace in order to determine the extent of employees' exposure to chemicals in the workplace.
  • Proper interaction and communication with university centers regarding new occupational health issues in order to promote staff health.
  • Develop a proper diet plan by a nutritionist and also provide nutrition advice to company employees to improve their health.
  • Continuous monitoring and visits to dormitories, residential areas and restaurants in order to comply with health protocols.
  • Microbial and chemical monitoring of drinking water in company and dormitories.
  • Prevention of coronary heart disease in Arya Sasol Polymer Company.