Occupational Safety

If you are unable to manage safety, you will not be able to manage your business as well.

The safety unit of Arya Sasol Polymer Company (ASPC) has embarked on going through the following functional procedures to attain its objectives and carry out its mission meeting the world standards in line with improving the organizational business, guaranteeing the sustainable and safe production, and maintaining the health of employees.

  • Outlook, mission, and values of ASPC is to turn into a company meeting the world safety standards.
  • ASPC has accepted that safety should be paid attention as a lifestyle, not just a subject for concentration, so that the need for observing safety is non-negotiable and has been turned into a culture for us in our business.
  • Taking measures to assure management and staff of the organization of innovation in safety.
  • ASPC is willing to set a progressive trend for the safety culture.
  • ASPC is willing to upgrade and promote the current innovative plans for safety.
  • ASPC believes in the possibility of preventing incidents and accidents.
  • ASPC is also committed to be turned into a business unit free of accidents.
  • Getting assured that defining the organization’s current or new procedures is based on risk management.
  • Empowering the employees by improving the safety culture through highlighting the slogan of “stop, think, safety” is among the significant plans of the company.

It should be noted that ASPC was one of the 57 organizations across the world that managed to receive Sword of Honor for health and safety risk management excellence in the workplace from the British Safety Council (BSC) in 2017..

British council sword
British council sword

By presenting a plan dubbed “Sustainable Continues Development of Safety Improvement”, and after competing with top 36 global projects headed into the final leg of the “6th International Best Practice Competition from the Global Organizational Excellence Congress 2018 – Abu Dhabi”, ASPC ranked the second in the competition..

The 6th International Best Practice Competition was held simultaneously with 24th Asia Pacific Quality Organization International Conference, and the 12th International Benchmarking Conference within the framework of the Global Organizational Excellence Congress under the main theme of “A roadmap for excellence in organizational performance & nation building” in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, in December, 2018.

The competition is annually held at a global level by the Global Benchmarking Network (GBN) of Germany and the Center for Organizational Excellence Research of New Zealand.

Recordable Case Rate (RCR)


Column: Date – Row: Recordable Case Rate

  • Also, safe behaviors (ASPC’s ten safe behavioral principles) have been considered in order to prevent high-risk accidents. Through observing and establishing the principles, the Recordable Case Rate has decreased to a great extent in the company, so that it managed to attain the rate of 0.03 at the end of 2017, which meets the world standards.
  • In 2018, ASPC carried out its overhaul operations (turnaround at its plants) at the complex with 196200 person-hour of working with no disabling (serious) accident and death and managed to attain the RCR=0.16 at the end of the year.