Personal Safety

“Keeping workforce safe is our company top value"

Safety is not a Priority , Safety is way of life

Arya Sasol Polymer Company has been able to achieve improve safety based on the program of sustainable continuous development of safety improvement plan by maintaining the maximum amount of safe and stable production to valuable results such Recordable Case Rate indicator according to OSHA standard.

Sustainable continuous development of safety improvement plan including main top titles:

  • Safety Leadership
  • Process Safety Management
  • Behavioral Based Safety
  • Safety Campaign
  • Safety Program & Process
  • World Class Safety Management System

Our 10 Life-Saving Rules

Every ASPC employee and Service Provider must follow our 10 Life-Saving Rules. These cover the most critical safety hazards that have caused loss of life in our past activities. We introduced them in 2009 and have since achieved a notable reduction in fatalities and injuries. We run regular campaigns to remind people what the rules are, how they are applied, and why they are so important.

1. Confined Space
6. Permit To Work
2. Excavation
7. Positive Isolation
3. Source of Ignition
8.Road Traffic
4. Lifting
9. SOP
5. MOC
10.Work at Height


1. Five Star Rating in Occupational Health and Safety Audit and Sword of Honor 2017 Winner from the British Safety Council - BSC

2. Runner up in the sixth international best practices competition 2018 in Abu Dhabi .UAE

best practice

Arya Sasol Polymer Company Recordable Case Rate (OSHA standard)