Process Safety

ASPC, as a Leading and benchmark petrochemical company across the IRAN country, has started for the first time the implementation of a process safety management system as the most effective and comprehensive way of preventing process-based incidents and reducing the related damage with an approach to prevent the leakage of dangerous materials.

Process safety is a core part of safe, effective and sustainable production. We meet high safety standards in our operational plants.

process safety

Through the continuous sustainable development of safety improvement plan, ASPC aims to drive process safety in the most effective ways, which resulted decreasing the number of significant Fires, Explosions, and Releases (FERs) while we have maximum capacity of production rate.

Since 2015, company has decided to establish the risk-based process safety (RBPS) management system based on Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) model. The implementation of RBPS leads to minimize the number of process safety events significantly, so that the amount of measured key performance indicator of related events in terms of severity rate has been decreased to 1.2 at the end of 2020.

process safety
Process Safety Progress

Arya Sasol Polymer Company FER (Fire & Explosion & Release)