Social Responsibility

The environment is a manifestation of the universe created by the Almighty God. Considering the fact that man is facing with numerous environmental challenges like water, air, and soil pollution, and whereas our religious teachings along with the Article 50 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran considers the protection of the environment as a public obligation, it means that all real and legal entities are bound to protect the environment.

social responsibility

So, along with meeting its legal obligations and commitments to the protection of the environment, ASPC has taken positive steps over the past years such as supporting Gazella Bennettii in Nayband national park and protecting and restoring its habitat, as the sole supporter in Iran, which shows the company’s notable social responsibility to the environment. The measures taken are as follow:

  1. Establishing a solar power plant with the nominal capacity of 18 kilowatts at the reproduction site of Gazella Bennettii.
  2. Implementing a comprehensive environment management plan at Nayband marine national park.
  3. Protecting and restoring the plant and animal species, as well as protecting and reproducing Jabir deer (Gazella Bennettii) as the distinctive animal species of Nayband marine national park.
  4. Preparing Nayband national park’s zoning map to resort and recover the region’s nature.
  5. Completing environment protection tower and establishing fences around it.
  6. Providing equipment for monitoring Gazella Bennettii site such as purchasing quad copter and professional photography camera.
  7. Reconstructing the access road to the reproduction site to the length of 3.5 kilometers.
  8. Laying underground pipelines to the length of 2000 meters for supplying water to watering places