Social Responsibility

The environment is a flourish of the vast plain of the world of creation, which God Almighty has created it with His amazing and eternal power. Considering today's human encounters with numerous environmental Challenges, including water pollution, Soil and air as well as in accordance with religious instruction and the fiftieth article of Islamic Republic of Iran Constitution Environmental protection is a public duty, meaning that all individuals and legal entities are obliged to protect the environment.

social responsibility

Therefore, Arya Sasol Polymer Company, in addition to fulfilling the obligations and legal requirements of the environment, Support for Gazella Bennettii in Nayband National Park, and the restoration of its habitat as the only supporter in the country that is a prominent example of social responsibility in the field of environment has begun in recent years and has taken great strides. Including:

  • Construction of 18 kW solar power plant in Nayband National Park to supply electricity for the Gazella Bennettii breeding site and in line with new support of them.
  • Mechanized cleaning of the beautiful beaches of Nayband Gulf with the investment and supply of modern beach cleaning machines for the first time in the southern coasts of the country.
  • Project to improve the access route to Gazella Bennettii site.
  • Fencing project and completion of the building environment of Gazella Bennettii site.
  • Providing protection and environmental services for the care of Gazella Bennettii site in Nayband National Park.
  • Supply of Gazella Bennettii site monitoring equipment (motorcycle, quadcopter, professional camera).
  • Construction of drinking fountain and water supply of Gazella Bennettii site.